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Yucel Yalim, international artist and professional photographer with studios in Phoenix, has created photographs celebrating the beauty of women for over 30 years. Yucel’s seemingly innate sense of composition induces onlookers to question their understanding and acceptance of what constitutes “being human” within a greater sense of what it means to be alive.Alternative Nudes

With keen eyes for composition and interests in the human form, Yucel’s photographs take on anthropomorphic characteristics which capture the human body in extraordinarily angular positions. His art prints reflect bold framings fully utilizing available technologies, as exemplified by compositional choices of subject placement on canvas and clear willingness to employ new methods to ancient subjects. Yucel’s images will shake up your sense of what is familiar and have you re-approach your belief systems through fresh eyes.

While at John Hopkins University, where Yucel received a BES in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he took his first classes in wet black & white photography. He later received an MBA in Asian Pacific Management from City University in Washington. Before returning to his passion for photography, he enjoyed a successful twenty-five year career in Sales and Marketing Management in the corporate world of the semiconductor industry.

Yucel’s photography indulges his eye for glamour and aesthetic features as evidenced in his many images of women. Likewise, as he has a long accomplished sense of the corporate world, he is committed to photographing high energy corporate events, impactful executive head shots which are tailored to convey character and finely honed messages about his subject, and select commercial projects such as assignments for Google Business View. While he often freelances for magazines, authored the recently published Alternative Nudes, Creative Lighting and Posing for Photographers and is a staff photographer at Swimsuit Illustrated, his deepest photographic creative passions remain in fine-art nudes, boutique boudoir portraits, and crafting quality headshots, to view examples click here.

Creative Impulse … My Passions

Yucel's Boudoir Photography in Phoenix, Arizona, Yucel Boudoir Photographer Phoenix

Portrait of the Artist

December, 2015 I turned 56. Looking back I recall being fascinated by and drawn to visual beauty from earliest recollections.

Prominent among these have always been the turn of a leg, a look in the eyes, flashes of skin… in life, printed images and moving pictures particularly… The beauty of women has always drawn, captivated and fascinated me.

At 50 spins round the sun, I again picked up the camera, which laid fallow for three decades and having let go of the corporate world, to pursue my passions of finding and creating images of the beauties of women.

Haven’t looked back since and am blessed to have helped improve the confidence and joy of many women in the last five or so years of pursuing my creative photographic passions with hundreds of kind women who have worked with me to create joyfully gorgeous images.

Women in their 20’s certainly. And even more women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. It’s quite the joy to create an image of a mature woman, and have her joyfully stare into what many of collaborators have said is the best photo ever taken of them.

This gives me drive, energy, joie de vivre even …

Sexy, sensual, provocative images … Images of women looking their beautiful best. Images such as these, we create together.

This is joy for me.

This I love doing and have chosen to do with those select among you who join me.

Thank you all for your participation in this joyous project… and thank you to those of you who will yet be joining in this beautiful creation process.

Wishing us all glorious collaborations to come.


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