What does appreciation have to do with boudoir photography in Phoenix anyway?

Well, I was looking in the on line dictionary the other day and found this definition and synonyms for ‘appreciation’ and liked it so much I Facebooked it.


  1. the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something, as in valuing, respect, esteem & high opinion
  2. a full understanding of a situation. as in recognition, realization, knowledge, awareness, consciousness, understanding & comprehension

A boudoir photographer certainly must have appreciation.  At least the great boudoir photographers must.


Boudoir photography, at it’s best, is about creating fine art photographs of fragile women creatures, and in the case of dudeoir, naked egos (we won’t call the boys fragile, in case it hurts our fragile (naked) egos).

Boudoir Photographers must have appreciation in all these ways.

Let us look at the synonyms one by one.  You decide if you feel you as a boudoir photographer or if a client, wish your boudoir photographer to have these qualities of appreciation.


Your boudoir photographer must value clients’ as the persons they are, with fragile hopes, who will be exposing themselves to the photographer’s camera, and crew (to see who may be on your set see also Who will be on the set of my boudoir photography shoot and see my boudoir photos?).  This is a sacred trust and must be valued.

Boudoir photography is about shades and blending shades beautifully as in this boudoir portrait of a raven haired beauty

Boudoir photography is about shades and blending shades beautifully as in this black & white boudoir portrait of a raven haired beauty


Likewise, your boudoir photographer must be respectful.  Towards subjects and crew.  And, must have respect for the process.  Those who give respect, often receive respect.  Could you respect your photographer if they were not respectful?

Esteem & High Opinion

Esteem and high opinion both are very similar, so we treat them together here.  If your boudoir photographer does not hold you and his work in esteem and have a high opinion of both you and of the work and fine art which follows, why get naked for this gal or guy with camera?  Again, this is like respect.  It goes both ways.

The qualities of definition one are about holding the process, people and art in high regard.  Definition two is about knowing the craft.

Recognition & Realization

Your boudoir photographer must have the ability to quickly and efficiently recognize your strengths and your challenging body issues and have the realization on how to both make you feel at ease and to have you looking your strongest, most sensually awesome best.

Knowledge, Awareness

In order to have you looking your awesome best in your fine art boudoir portraits, your photographer must have knowledge based on experience and practice.  Further, this knowledge, without an awareness would make recognition and realization much more difficult.

Consciousness & Understanding

These are shades of meaning.  However, boudoir photographers must deal in shades.  Black and white photography for example, which many of the finest art boudoir portraits are black and white, is all about shades of grey.  Your photographer must be conscious of what is going on.  They must be conscious of what is going on with you, the set, the crew, the lighting, the camera, the props, the makeup… the list goes on and on.  However, having consciousness alone is insufficient without understanding.  Without understanding of all the information and events going on during, and before and after, a boudoir photo shoot of which your photographer is conscious, the information becomes useless.  Your boudoir photographer must have understanding.


I like that comprehension flowed to the final bullet.

Comprehension could have been first.

Without comprehension, there is no traction when the rubber of understanding hits the real world of your boudoir photo set.  With comprehension, your photographer will know how to art the look, the pose, and the shot of you to make you look your dazzlingly sexy best.

The single most important decision you make with your boudoir photography sitting is your choice of boudoir artist. ( For more on this see also: Should my friend, who has a great new digital camera take my boudoir photos?  )

When you are looking for your boudoir photography artist, do let your senses loose to determine, will this photographer have the appreciation it takes to have you looking best in some of the only nude and semi nude photos of you taken, perhaps recently, or perhaps ever?



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