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2016 ‘Alwun House’ Exotic Art Show – Viewers Choice Award Winner, 30×45 Giclee on Canvas

‘Sitting the Mood’ is an award winning iconic fine art boudoir giclee print of a beautiful woman in her forties.

Ballet dance trained and with fit body, she finally decided it was time to sit and be photographed for her boudoir portrait.

There are many women who would make excellent fine art boudoir photography subjects and have yet to partake.  In fact, the Phoenix Area and Scottsdale, Arizona in particular are full of beautiful women living healthy active lifestyles.

What holds these beautiful women back from commission iconic boudoir art prints for themselves while time and age march inexorably forward?

Certainly, many of these ladies were more fit 10, 20 or even 30 years ago, yeah?

So… What does go into making a piece of photographic art for such talented and well formed subjects?

First of all, age need not be a factor.  Clearly our forties are an age of maturing for us, and our 40’s are often starting points, where many women today start having the courage, and or resources, to properly afford crafting fine art portraits and boudoir photos of themselves and for themselves.

We aren’t getting any younger.  Somewhere around 40 or 50, this sinks in in with an astounding clarity.  We start to just do the things we’ve put off and put off, while we are vital and can appreciate and enjoy what we can of our lives, our bodies and the world at large.  What ever ‘it’ is, 40 is a magic age where we decide to just do ‘it’ while we can.

Commissioning iconic lasting imagery of ourselves, for those of who have invested so much of our lives, time and energies into crafting and honing finely our tuned beautiful bodies, is on the list of these things we’ve long put off.  This long and no longer is our new attitude.

While there are many technical details in the creation of a striking image like ‘Sitting the Mood,’  further details are available on pages 6 and 7 of ‘Alternative Nudes, Creative Lighting and Posing for Photographers’, the two key ingredients are a the coming together of a qualified, talented fine art boudoir photographer and a committed subject, ready and willing for the task.

Once you’ve decided, your next and most important decision in the outcome for your boudoir sitting will be your choice of who will be the photographer or artist for your boudoir sitting.

The photographer or artist with whom you will be sitting, will use their skills, art and vision to turn your life’s accomplishment with your physical body into a photograph or a permanent work of art.


Many of us make a critical detour at this point at this vital point in the selection process…  for a bit on what to look for, and not look for, when deciding on your fine art boudoir photographer see Should my friend, who has a great new digital camera take my boudoir photos?.

Remember, your most critical choice for your boudoir portrait is going to be your selection of the photographer or artist for whom you will be sitting.

It is the photographer’s eye, skill and art which transforms your ephemeral worldly visage into timeless otherworldly art.

The main differences here, and they are both significant, is between photographers who are skilled, and unskilled, and between photographers who are technicians and those who are artists.


The point about skill level is obvious.

Select a photographer who is obviously well skilled in the craft of boudoir photography.  See a variety of their work.  Look at it with critical eye and you can tell if they are skilled.

Your photographer may or many not be skilled in boudoir photography for a variety of reasons.

Boudoir Skill Checklist

  • Not enough time in the photography craft
  • Not enough experience in the genre
  • Just not a capable person
  • Wrong temperament
  • Insufficient resources

A run down of these skill sets will help you determine if the photographer you are considering is up to the task technically.  Some are new.  Some just don’t devote enough time to the craft.  Some just don’t have it in them regardless of effort.

Find a boudoir photographer who has all this going on and you are part of the way there.

Qualified boudoir photography technicians and craft people can crank out reliable boudoir portrait work


While a boudoir technician or boudoir photographer can craft reliable boudoir portraits, artists create unique images and well, they make art.

What is the difference?

Defining art is beyond the scope of this article.  However, we tend to know art when we see it.

Art tells a story.  Art is moving.  There is furniture which is functional and well crafted and comfy.  Then, there is that chaise lounge with all the angles and colors… The piece is a centerpiece.  It is iconic, unique in a way.  Eye catching.  And, unique, it warrants a further look… There is nothing else quite or exactly like it.

Look at the artists work.  You may not like every piece of art this artist creates, and yet it is art.  Some of the images of this artist speak to you.  Draw you in.  Keep you looking back.

That is what you are looking for.  A photographic artist.  Not just pretty pictures of pretty women.  Beautiful images, artfully done.  Unique.

It’s hard to describe, though you’ll know art when you see it.  If it doesn’t look like art to you, then it may not be the artist for you.

You’ll know it when you see it.

When you do, buy it.  Commission that artist.

Then you’ll become art.  The thing about art is, you are creating something new and exciting and hasn’t been seen before.

Likely, you won’t know exactly what it will be till after it’s complete.  It’s like Christmas.

What you bring is your body, energy, time, and resources.

Leave the rest to your boudoir artist.

They will have stylists, grips and will do much of your boudoir session’s heavy lifting.

It is a fun time.

A fine art boudoir photographer can make any woman look great.  We all have great, beautiful features.  Boudoir photographers, who are artists, can find the beauty in anyone.

Though when the subjects arrive with dance training, or young, with smooth skin, or flexible like a yogi, or with a fit body, then the possibilities become endless.

Boudoir is about skin and bits of skin.

See how ‘Sitting the Mood’ is about mood?

The angles and lines are very engaging.

The props here, of the antique love-seat and the studio light are the only objects clearly visible other than the dancer.

While the dancer mirrors the forms of the chair, through her excellent muscle control, the lights are positioned to draw the eye along delicious diagonals and feminine curves all round.

The important thing is not to wait.

We are all getting older.

This woman could have done this pose 20 years earlier.

It took the maturity of a 40 something to do it now.

Wait and time marches on.

You have that great body, make it into lasting art.

Find your boudoir artist today.




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