Posing smoothly flowing from one pose to another is very dancy and makes for great boudoir portraiture opportunities.

Ballet hands, soft hands, often with pinkie finger or the edge of the hand toward the camera, diagonals and womanly curves. This posing video is a vertuoso performance of fluid pose transitions.

Pay particular attention to the way the model holds and moves her hands.

If you hit ‘pause’ in the video at any time, tyr it a few times, there is almost always a nicely poised image ready to be captured with a click.

The model’s body is constantly ripe with forms we read as feminine, beautiful and elegant.

Mostly curves, diagonal lines, small ballet hands, well placed. Soft fingers, gentle touches and caresses.

When she transitions through poses which are less than elegant, she speeds up briefly, then immediately slows again into a smooth beautiful flow.

She also moves kind of slowly. This slow movement gives the boudoir photographer, or portrait photographer, a chance to catch her doing something right.

Anyone doing full length posing in front of a camera will benefit from watching her hands and arms and learning some of her movements and transitions.

Anyone in a boudoir photography session who can learn from her hand positions will have much better outcomes when the turn comes before the camera.

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