At Boudoir Photography of Phoenix, all of our boudoir sessions include and require professional makeup and hair styling by our experienced professional stylists.

While some of us have fairly advanced self styling skills, boudoir photo day is a big event in the life of many of us.  Done right, it is a kind of fun spa day resulting in breathtaking images of us at our best.

To be at our best, we mostly can use styling help.

All the models and stars you see regularly in magazines have professional stylists on set and spend as much or more time in makeup than on set.  There are reasons for all this investment in styling.

Phoenix Boudoir Photographer

The confidence that comes with looking your best is sexy

Getting into the swing by starting a boudoir session being styled for hair and makeup is a very relaxing way to break the ice and experience a bit of calm before your time on set.

Peace of mind in knowing your styling is perfectly done has no price.

Aside from the purely psychological benefit of having your styling taken care of expertly, and not having to rush this key element to your look as you try to get out the door to your sitting, the practical aspects cannot be overstated.

Clearly, the best outcomes for boudoir follow a professionally styled look where we look our best.   Hands down, looking your best before the camera goes click has you looking your best in your final prints.

Unless you are a styling professional, what a professional stylist can do for you cannot be done for yourself.

The calm of knowing your styling is first rate improves overall confidence.

Confidence is sexy and makes for better boudoir experiences and outcomes.

Even if your makeup or hair is perfect beginning your boudoir sitting, with your stylist on set, small touch ups can take an otherwise good shot of you up to levels of greatness.

If you were planning on having two or more looks portrayed in your boudoir sitting, this requires a restyle mid shoot.  Many of the best self styled women cannot craft two personal looks without starting from scratch.

If you are working with boudoir professionals at the top of their game, time on set is a precious commodity.  Any time or energy you invest in restyling yourself, takes away from the energy of the shoot.

A good stylist will be in the wings keeping you looking your best all throughout your shoot.

The extra options that good styling provides frees your boudoir photographer up to create and craft the best images of you possible.

Boudoir sittings are a very vulnerable experience.  Done well, they are quite uplifting and ego enhancing.  Trimming corners by cutting out professional styling can significantly degrade the overall boudoir experience.

Boudoir done well, with professional styling and an experienced creative boudoir photographer can be a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.

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