Clients, models, and subjects interested in fine art boudoir photo sessions are often curious or concerned about what the nudity factor in their sittings may be.

Whether in our Phoenix boudoir studios, on set, or on a remote location, safety and privacy can of course be of major concern.

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This fine art boudoir print includes a model, who while nude, appears fully covered due to artistic considerations & strategic choice in camera angle

In the fine art boudoir print, Escher Cat, it may well seem that no nudity at all was called for…

There are many technical details which went into in creation of this print.   Further technical details for those interested in such are available on pages 8 and 9 of ‘Alternative Nudes, Creative Lighting and Posing for Photographers’, the two key point here is, the lovely zebra stripe print body suit the subject is wearing is see through, and crotch less…

So our lovely ballet dancer here was literally quite naked here in this seemingly thoroughly dressed fine art portrait.

Sometimes, we find the perfect prop, or perfect piece of lingerie as here with this striking body suit.

If the lady here had worn undergarments, it would have ruined the beautiful lines we needed to pull off the art piece look we were going after.

She also had to hold her pose precisely to avoid having the panty cut out show in the final image, as this would have declassed this rather posh and poised looking composition.

While as an artist I can appreciate nudity fully.  It just would have detracted from this particular pose, with this particular body suit, with this particular model.

And yet, to pull off the shot, she did in fact have to be nude, and everyone on the set kind of would be able to see what there might be to see.

The thing is, in some cases, there is no nudity, and yet the shot looks nude in the end.  This is sometimes referred to as an implied nude.

That is, this can also go the other way round.

How?  Well, when one wears an off the shoulder strapless dress and a shot is taken of the shoulders and head, it can give the effect of total nudity for a woman who is totally dressed.

Here in this case, we had a model fairly fully nude, yet looking totally dressed.

It just worked and is a very popular and well accepted fine art piece, of a clothed looking and yet pretty well nude subject.

One can also be totally covered and look covered, for example by the right lingerie or with draping.  Often a shy or reserved model, or one for artistic sake, will come from the dressing room fully draped in clothing or material.  Only that which is needed to be uncovered for the shot may be.  So, for those of more modest disposition, with suitable wardrope and propping, can be totally assured of a fully covered fine are boudoir photography experience.

It’s all good with art.

For more on who may see you during your fine art boudoir photo sitting see also Who will be on the set of my boudoir photography shoot and see my boudoir photos?


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