Many of us sit for boudoir photos and then wonder, who on earth will see my photos?

This is a valid question.

While we are used to seeing nude, sensual and sexy images all the time these days, even on television commercials, we do not often get to see naked pictures of ourselves or loved ones.  At least not most of us, and not all the time.

Well then, who could be seeing your boudoir photos and portraits?

Who will see your boudoir portraits depends.  Let us start with a list of who might see them

Potential people who may see your boudoir photos

  • Anyone you show them to
  • Anyone who sees them on line
  • Anyone who gains access to them can show the world
  • Your photographer, creative team and you

Okay the first three of these are pretty scary, right?  Especially the second and third.

Obviously anyone you show your boudoir photos to will have seen them.

Anyone you give them too can choose to distribute them, though that is not exactly legal.

Let us talk legal or moral here for a moment.

Unless your photographer has permission from you giving rights to display your boudoir photos, typically there are legal restrictions on how your photographer can display your boudoir photos.

If you have hired a professional photographer, your nudity can be fairly entirely your private affair.

All boudoir photos you see displayed on this site have been granted permission for release by the subjects.

If you have had a friend or hobbyist photographer to take your nude boudoir photos, they may or may not be held by the same professional standards that your professional photographer may be.  There is even more gray area for a friend who displays non nude though provocative images of you, say on Facebook.

Who will really see my professional boudoir photos ?!

  • You will see the final images and perhaps the some of the raw images
  • Anyone you show the images to
  • Your creative team
    • Your photographer
    • Your stylists
    • Photographic assistants and editors
    • The printer
    • People on the set

Now the first two are not so scary, right?

This model has signed a model release. Her image is published in books and available as an art print.

This model has signed a model release. Her image is published in books, is available as an art prints and is published here on this website.

That is, you will not be scared once you see how beautiful you look in the final images.  This is in fact quite uplifting and is why so many women today are pursuing professional boudoir photography, and especially fine art boudoir, where you become a work of art suitable for display, though up to you to keep private.

Your creative team consists of people on the set, see Who will be on the set of my boudoir photography shoot and see my boudoir photos? and may also include editors and printers.  The people on the set will see you on the set, and may see images as they are taken or even as they are uploaded.  These are professionals there as part of your creative process.

Photo editors may be utilized by your photographer for retouching or post processing of your boudoir photos.  If they are used, they may well see your images as it is integral to their work flow.  Otherwise, your photographer will be your editor and they will of course be closely working on your images.

These editors are professionals who are used to looking at and working with hundreds of images in a professional capacity.  The privacy requirements for the works is the same as that required of your photographer.   These are professionals doing a job.  Think something like nurses at a maternity ward.

Likewise your photographer’s printer. If your photographer is a professional, he or she will be using a lab or fine art printer who will handle your prints professionally and privately.

So what if there is a model release?

In cases where you have agreed to release your images for some kind of public view, you lose control of where and how your images may be seen.

Once your images are out, either because you have agreed, or because you have shared your images with someone else, the images may then be seen by the world at large.

Now that doesn’t mean the person you shared them with had that right to redisplay, it just might happen.

Your professional photographer will generally be most concerned with your best outcome and your privacy concerns.  They will not likely display your nude images without having sought and received permissions at some point.  Once you have granted permission, changing your mind may no longer be an option.  Even where the photographer to agree, images once loose, can have a life of their own, particularly if they are beautiful images.

In most cases though, where permission has not been obtained, the only people who see your boudoir photos will be those on the set, those you show and distribute to, and those directly involved with photo editing and printing.

Your privacy is assured outside this select set of artists crafting your boudoir art experience.


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