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Outdoor fine art boudoir photography is just a camera click amoung Arizona’s many natural settings

Angel’s Rock is a fine art boudoir photographic print which depicts a female body builder in top form.  Smooth skin and powerful body in prime condition are arrayed to complement the natural forms of a Phoenix area desert rock outcropping on which our heroine here is perched and posed.

Being an athlete, this was a relatively easy pose to hold for this very fit and beautiful woman to hold while perched somewhat precariously up the rock’s face.  While it was’t that far down to the ground, the rocks are quite hard and the site was unimproved.

A very popular piece, this photograph was taken within easy driving distance of the Phoenix Metroplex.

Arizona affords many fairly private natural settings for boudoir and fine art nude photography such as this.

Those with the physiques to pull of such a stunning shot are well served to join into the collaborative process of turning their finely honed bodies into frameable and permanent art forms by commissioning a fine art boudoir photographer.

If you’ve an interest in further technical details on the creation of Angel’s Rock, like lighting and exposure settings, see also pages 10 and 11 of ‘Alternative Nudes, Creative Lighting and Posing for Photographers’.

When shooting the nude, particularly as an art form, contrasts are as important as harmonies.

The pose here was set to mirror the forms of the rock outcropping.  The hard grainy textures of the rocks contrast with the smooth powerful curves of the young lady’s ebony skin and musculature.

When out and about, I’m always on the look out for locations suitable for taking the right nude.

When you are out and about, you might keep your eye out.

When scouting possible locations, keep in mind, it should be private, safe and have forms or textures which either complement or contrast with the curves and smooth skin of nude bodies.

Depending where the location is, one may need permits or may just need to have the right spotters and crew to keep the shoot safe and sane.

If you’ve worked hard to create a fit body, immortalize your accomplishment.  Turn yourself into art.  Maybe with a fine art nude shot on location in our great beautiful state of Arizona.

You’ll be glad you did.



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